About Our Patrol

The “California Winter Search and Rescue Team - South” is a ski patrol in the National Ski Patrol system whose members come from various ski area patrols and are trained to respond to out of area and back country search and rescue operations.

We are registered with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) and respond to requests for Type 1 Winter Alpine search and rescue resources.

From the above linked search environment document the conditions we may respond to are:

Winter – including Fall and Spring when winter type weather has occurred or is in progress or forecast to occur. Typically October through April. Snow will normally be soft requiring skis or snow shoes but may be rain or sun crusted or wind packed requiring crampons and ice axe.

Winter Type Weather- high winds, sub-zero temperatures, persistent sub-freezing highs, excessive precipitation, water ice, alpine or glacier ice.

Day or night operations.

Any mountain terrain and any altitude.

Variable avalanche hazard from low to extreme with both human triggered and naturally triggered slides possible over a wide area. Persistent hazards due to persistent cold temperatures.

If you are a registered National Ski Patrol member and are interested in joining, please contact us at