All team members are required to complete the Disaster Service Worker Registration form (form Cal EMA 2010 rev. 6/10) and take the loyalty oath at the bottom of this form.

The most current DSW Registration Form can be downloaded as a Word document from Look at the lower left corner of the page for the third item under Additional Information. A copy of this document can also be found in the Disaster Services Worker area of this web site’s “Files and Forms” page once you log in.

The loyalty oath is to be administered only by an officer authorized to administer oaths. Persons qualified to administer the oath include;

Every executive and judicial officer and every Member of the Legislature, as well as retired judges who have received a certification from the Commission on Judicial Performance; every clerk of any court, every justice, and every officer authorized to take testimony in any action or proceeding, or to decide upon evidence (Code of Civil Procedure ¶ 2093), may administer and certify oaths. Additionally, a notary public is considered an officer of the state who is authorized to administer oaths (¶ 8205). In regard to the administration of the oath and in particular with respect to notaries public, it is noted that ¶ 3104 expressly prohibits the charging of a fee for administering the oath. Added to this list (perhaps somewhat redundantly) must be department heads (¶ 1118), which would include the Director of OES pursuant to ¶ 8585 of the Emergency Services Act, and to any officer of OES to whom the Director delegates the power. Also authorized to administer the oath is any person authorized in writing by the Director, as the appointing power, in those cases where OES directly registers the disaster service worker (¶ 3104)

Emphasis is added to the section of notary public as this is generally the most expeditious means of taking the oath. For additional details on the Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program (DSWVP), the following link will take you to the complete 70 page document;