Search Practice on Baden-Powell

Member posted image.We had a ball. Dan Sutton did a great job with the training this weekend. We did a lost person search scenario. Diana and Peter Fisher spent the day in a cloud manning the command post. They kept track of where we were, mapped clues we found. The rest of had the assignment of searching the trail. At the 3/4 waypoint on the trail, one of team members simulated a fall off the trail and we set up a temp toboggan and hauled him back to the trail. I did push him a little to make the fall look more realistic. We learned transporting of a injured person is difficult and time consuming. Member posted image.

Sorry for the early start. When we do have a search, 7:00 is the start up time.

We are foremost a ski team, however we are tasked to be proficient in ice axe and crampons. Our team has been called out on Baldy 3 times when it has been bullet proof ice. We need to work on roped travel for this kind of scenario. This weekend was a good start in our training. We learned about what footwear works and what does not. The softer boots don't work very well.

Next Month we are going to go on the MTR 2 field trip as our training. Those who have not completed the MTR 2 Class or can not take the time, we are going to have another training session on Saturday March 10th. More to come on where and what.

In the event that I am out of town. our Team captains will run the call out and search. They do wear other hats on the patrol as well. They are: Dan Sutton, Scott Cordner, Steve Reneker. Please give them as hard a of time as you give me.


Posted on February 13, 2012

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